Saturday, 29 March 2014

I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do .

Soo, I know I haven´t been there for a while, buut I got reasons for it! At first I was kindy busy because of school, we wrote bunch of tests and it was kinda hard, but I made it well I think, I am proud of myself :3. But I recieved beautiful present. Me and my friend ordered some cool stuff by E.L.F. It is a cosmetic brand and in Czech republic it´s avaible only online on the internet. So we choose some stuff and it came at Wednesday. We were in euphoria. I ordered Jumbo lips pencil in shade Pink Umbrellas and nail polish in the shade Mint Cream. The colors are unbelievable. And the last thing that I am most excited of is Stipple brush! I got my first stipple brush. I never believed that I can have one! But I have. My dream came true :D. The brush is soo smooth on your skin so fluffy. I can´t even describe it. I am so excited of it. It makes your skin fabulous and so naturelly. BUT, stop talking about brush, let´s move! (If you´d like me to do review on these products of course I will, or I will do it anyway).

Flame is to dust,
love is to friends,
why do all good things come to an end? 
(- Nelly Furtado)

We have been at the playground with my roommate and we enjoyed it really much :3. I also had to tell her some things, because I was fighting with other girls and I was really upset. Last week was really hard. And I will always say that it wasn´t all my fault. I wasn´t rude in anyway. I wans´t looking for fight. People around me changed and lot of people finally figure it out. I don´t say that sometimes I say what i should not but that is because it´s really much that I have to stand. But we are fine now. And this week was kinda better. I got good marks in school I think. It is not that bad. But it´s a rough. I have to learn much more because our classification will be closed in three weks because of our practises in kindergartens. But I am looking forward to it.
I want to be young, wild and free. But I never be.

Oh, and the English conversations! It´s so amazing,I love it so much. We enjoy it with girls. We talk about everything and we learnt some Portuguese words too. D is such a sweetheart and he is amazing person. Really nice and he got good music taste. I fell in love with The Black Keys, they are amazing! D will be leaving on March the 20th and we are preparing some little surprises for him, because we don´t want him to forget about us. It would be awesome. We can introduce ourselfs a little bit in portugese like our names, where we study, where are we from, how old are we. Portugal is amazing country and so beautiful. We hope that someday we get there :).

I think that it´s all for today. I hope I´ll talk to you guys later,  bye! <3

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