Saturday, 15 March 2014

Let me introduce

Hi guys!
So, I don´t know how to start, but i will figure it out.  I just want to say something about me at the beginning. My name is Barbra and I am 16 years old (it was my birthday yesterday :3 - but nevermind :D). I am student of the Pedagogy high school in Přerov. BTW I love it there. I live near Ostrava and I have got one brother. We got one dog also, we call him Rony. I love reading english books, i can say that it´s my passion and i absolutely love music. That wouldn´t be me without music. The best id alternative pop/rock, indie rock/pop, and british pop. For example OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys are the best bands for me.

Sooo, that was all what i wanted to say to you at the beginning and now I´d like to say something about why I want to write this blog and why in English. It´s pretty simple. I love writing blogs and I love English and if you put this two things together you will have something amazing. English is for me second home. I love it. Maybe some of you will hate me for what I am going to say, but I like English more than Czech language. Yes I know I should not say that, but I feel it that way. And also I´d like to get my english better and better. So I think that it´s all what i wanted to say before I start write this blog. Oh, just one more thing a thought that this blog will be something like a diary, there will be some reviews sometimes and hauls (which i have prepared right now). I´d like you to follow my blog if you feel it would be interesting for you, and I´ll talk to you guys later, bye :)

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  1. Hi Barbara. I am your good friend and ehhm your blog is cool like dolphin. :D So, never stop writing and good luck with blog. With chocolate Dayana Eminarsin <3