Monday, 17 March 2014

Society killed the teenager ♥

How are you today? I am pretty good, but I will have to look at history. We will have an exam tomorrow. So how was your day today? Mine was cool actually. I really enjoyed the english lesson today. We had a visitor in our class. It was a guy from Portugese, he lives in Přerov for a 6 months now I guess, because he want to be a teacher and he is helping our english teachers in some lessons, so our teacher asked him to come to our english lesson and he did. It was amazing. As I said I love english so I tried to talk to him a lot. I had so many question. It was really good lesson. And on thursdays I´ll be going on the English conversations. We will be talking with other students about different things in English and also with him. I am so excited about it. But in the morning I get sooo pissed. We wrote a test from Music, it was a little test, but still, it was a test. And we didn´t know about it. So I  hope that it would be good.

(I would not be able to resist to a breakfast like this one :3 It´s looking so delicious )

(simple but beautiful - want it )
I think that todays afternoon will be really lazy. As many others :D. I think I should start to read more of The Great Gatsby book that  I borrowed from my english teacher. She is really nice and she is one of my favourite teachers in the school and i would be really pissed off if I won´t have her in other years of high school. That would not be good. I really like her. Buut I sould have a look at the math too. I almost don´t understand anything of what we did today. And Biology. So hard subject. I hate it, like I know that the children in the kindergarten will ask me questions about nature but they never get the particulars. I don´t know... But lets think positive :). I hope that tomorrow would be a good day. We won´t have any really hard subjects besides Physical education... I hate it. I hate rack. So damn much. But that is my school I chose it so I wont change anything on it.
So I guess that´s all of  my day I wanted to say to you and I will talk to you guys later. Have a nice day. Byeee! :3

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